Women in Construction - Erica Sittloh

Radians Salutes Erica Sittloh

As Women in Construction Week draws to a close, Radians wants to salute Erica Sittloh for her contributions and success in the world of construction.

Erica has been in construction for over seven years and currently serves as an estimator and project manager at Belair Sitework Services. Working for Belair Sitework Services allows Erica to contribute to her company’s six integrated business units, which include earthwork, environmental, foundation/concrete, site demolition, utilities, and specialty projects.

Erica, who has always had a steadfast desire to make a difference in this world, saw the world of construction as a career path where she could make her desire come true.

“Managing civil site work is rewarding, especially when it comes to our utility services where I am helping with watermain and services, pipe infiltration systems, water quality structures, and more to ensure clean drinking water. I know there are many people in this world who do not have access to clean drinking water, so I am glad I can make a difference in our U.S. utilities infrastructure to help keep people safe and healthy,” said Erica.

“I also love the challenges and rewards that successful construction projects bring to my life.  I am very thankful for my Belair family who embraces new ideas, growth, and mentorship, all of which are very important to me.”

When it comes to Erica’s experience with PPE she said, “In the past it was designed and marketed towards men in the industry so items were too large or just did not fit right, which often caused catch hazards when women wore it,” she said. “But now PPE, such as my Radians vest, is designed by women to fit women correctly and comfortably.”

In the future, Erica hopes to see more industrial gloves and cold weather gear designed for women. “Even the extra small men’s gloves are too large for my hands and the men’s jackets can swallow you whole,” she said. She also hopes that PPE manufacturers will serve females by “making sure the costs for items are equal to the men’s lines and marketed to safety professionals in the same manner.”

Erica Sittloh, Radians salutes you and your work in the construction industry.


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