Radians SV24-3 Class 3 Breakaway Safety Vest with Zip-N-Rip™

Radians SV24-3 features our patented Zip-N-Rip™ closure technology on top of its 5-point breakaway system. This means that this vest will breakaway at the right shoulder/sleeve, left shoulder/sleeve, right side, left side and front zipper when tugged with moderate force. This vest is an excellent choice for extreme traffic hazards as well as any job around moving machinery or equipment and it is designed to prevent workers from being pulled into hazards. Not only does this vest protect its wearer with the breakaway feature it is also ANSI rated class 3 which means it protects the worker with maximum visibility. These vests provide the most hi-vis material coverage and reflective stripes for workers exposed to complex work environments. Class 3 vests are required in environments with high-speed traffic, high-risk environments and where the worker must be visible through a full range of motions at a minimum of 1280 feet (390 meters).

WARNING: Cancer and reproductive harm – California residents click here.