2023 NSC Logo

We were thrilled to showcase our solutions at the 2023 NSC Congress & Expo in beautiful New Orleans, LA. It was exciting to connect with customers face-to-face as we work together to grow each other's business and promote safety across the globe. 

The NSC Congress and Expo is considered the premier safety event in the United States. For over a century, professionals have relied on this event to discover cutting-edge technology, gain valuable education, build connections, and find reliable products and services to stay competitive in the industry. 

At the show, we launched several new PPE solutions and showcased our most advanced technologies. Make sure to check out our highlight reel for a quick recap of all the excitement! 

We'll be back for the 2024 NSC Expo in Orlando at booth #2013!

To learn more about these newly launched products, click here to download product brochures. Feel free to visit our catalogs page for a comprehensive list of our PPE solutions. 

NEW SJ322B Class 3 Jacket

Alan Shepherd (with some modeling assistance from Damon Mason) shows off the new SJ322B.  

NEW RWG588 Cut Glove

The Safety Samurai himself, Joe Nichols, shares his thoughts on the new RWG588 A8 cut glove. 

NEW RWG588 and RWG589 Gloves

Join regional sales rep Damon Mason as he discusses our new cut gloves: the RWG588 and RWG589.

NEW RW08 Rainwear Series

Dave Larimer breaks down what makes the new RW08 rainwear series a game-changer. 


Joe Nichols introduces a unique new eyewear solution: MD1 metal-detectable safety glasses

NEW Titanium Visors

Chris DeGeorge shows off a new accessory made exclusively for our Titanium Climbing Style Helmets: the Titanium Shaped Visor

DH Air™ Hi-Vis Garments

Joe Nichols spotlights his favorite release of 2023, our new DH Air Garments - the VDH5VSH3 Shirt, SV99-A2, and SV99-A3.

SJ411QB Quilted Parka

Pete Esposito gives an in-depth look into the recently released SJ411QB class 3 quilted parka. 

SV55W Women's Engineer Vest

Anna Huff spotlights the SV55W women's engineer vest released earlier this year. 

TEKTYE™ Glove Line

Damon Mason reviews our recent additions to our advanced TEKTYE line of hand protection solutions. 

KAMORI® Leather Glove Line

Todd Menefee breaks down our KAMORI leather glove line and highlights our new additions. 




IQUITY™ Tecnología Antivaho

Fernando Silva ofrece una rápida demostración y una descripción general de nuestra tecnología antivaho iQuity. 

TEKTYE™ Tecnología de Guantes

Fernando Silva analiza lo que hace que nuestra línea de guantes TEKTYE sea especial.

Max-Dri™ Prendas de Alta Visibilidad

Fernando Silva analiza los beneficios de nuestras prendas de alta visibilidad equipadas con nuestra tecnología Max-Dri que absorbe la humedad.