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Noise Induced Hearing Loss: Are you doing enough to protect your workers?

January 12, 2016, Posted in News


Safety at Work Magazine recently published an article focused on noise induced hearing loss and what employers can do to protect their workers. 

Read the full article here: http://www.spisafety.com/storefrontCommerce/epubs/magazineQ12016.html
Pages 10 - 12

Also check out our full page Foam Earplug Dispenser Ad on page 32.

Radians Foam Earplug Dispensers

December 21, 2015, Posted in News

Radians Foam Earplug DispensersRadians has just launched new patent-pending Disposable Foam Earplug Dispensers that are available with two of their popular Made in the USA foam plugs, the Resistor and Detour.

These innovative dispensers are a game-changer for workplace safety because they have several patented design features which make the dispenser easy to use, easy to refill, and easy on the environment too.

The reusable dispenser, which comes with a space-saving, slim vertical dispenser box, is easy to mount and refill. Engineered with a variable mounting bracket, the dispenser is easily installed on peg board, slat wall, wire cages, warehouse racks, and drywall, which means you can easily control placement in high traffic areas.

To refill, simply remove the empty box and refill with the replacement dispenser box, which comes in quantities of either 250 or 500 foam earplugs.

The patented flexible structure of the vertical box uses less material than typical dispensers in the marketplace, making Radians’ new dispenser extremely economical and gentler on the environment than traditional plastic dispensers. The patented 360° bi-directional rotating funnel provides workers with quick and easy access to the earplugs, which always helps to increase worker compliancy.

The dispensers are available in their uncorded Made in the USA Resistor plug (PDFP70) and their Detour plug (PDFP30). Both styles of disposable foam plugs have a 32NRR.

For more information about the new dispensers or any of the hearing protection products in Radians’ comprehensive line of high performance safety gear, visit www.Radians.com, call 1-877-723-4267 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

SOURCE: Contractor Supply Magazine

Radians Launches Patent Pending Foam Plug Dispensers

December 10, 2015, Posted in News

Radians‬ is excited to launch our eco-friendly, budget-friendly, patent pending Foam Plug ‪‎Dispensers‬, which are available with two of our most popular ‪Made in the USA‬ foam plugs Resistor and Detour. The patented 360 degree bi-directional rotating funnel allows workers to conveniently to get one pair at a time, providing a more hygienic solution to ‪‎Hearing Protection‬ and less waste of earplugs. Easy to mount and refill.


Wipe Away the Grease and Grime

November 17, 2015, Posted in News

For Immediate Release
Mary Padron
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Wipe Away the Grease and Grime with Radians’ New Made-in-USA Respirator Wipes & Lens Cleaning Towelettes

MEMPHIS, TN—October 28, 2015— Respirators, safety glasses, and other PPE become ineffective when they are soiled with smudges, grease and grime. Now you can conveniently and economically wipe away grease and grime with Radians’ new respirator wipes and lens cleaning towelettes which are made in the USA.

Radians, a leading manufacturer of high performance safety gear, recently launched their new respirator wipes (RW-100), including an alcohol free version (RWAF-100).

Both the 5” x 7” respirator wipes and lens cleaning towelettes are individually wrapped in foil packets and are packaged in easy-to-use boxes of 100. The boxes have a perforated hang tab that allows for mounting on both pegboard hooks and standard counters. These cleaning accessories can be strategically placed in high traffic areas to facilitate proper cleaning behaviors among workers in the plant or office. Their specially developed formula will help keep PPE crystal clear.

For more information about Radians’ comprehensive line of quality safety gear, visit www.Radians.com, call 1-877-723-4267, or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Radians® is a Memphis, TN-based manufacturer of quality safety eyewear, high visibility apparel, rainwear, hearing protection, performance gloves, head gear, cooling products, heated jackets, footwear, and lens cleaning systems. Radians has partnered with highly respected companies including DEWALT® and Black+Decker to provide high performance personal protection products. The company has additional facilities in Reno, NV, Thomasville


SOURCE: EHS Daily Advisor

Combat Workplace Noise Pollution to Help Prevent Hearing Loss

November 09, 2015, Posted in News

Yikes! Hearing loss is the third-leading major U.S. public health issue.

By Mary Padron, published on Sep 01, 2015

According to John Hopkins Medicine and the Hearing Loss Association of America, "Hearing loss is the third leading major public health issue, affecting 48 million Americans, or 20% of the adult population." Arthritis leads the way, followed by heart disease. Sixty percent of people with hearing loss are either in the workforce or in educational settings.

One of the leading culprits of hearing loss is workplace noise pollution, which can lead to noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL). Over-exposure to high-noise environments occurs at factories, airports, construction sites, NASCAR races, rock concerts, and on our highways. According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, industries that include mining, agriculture, construction, manufacturing, utilities, transportation, and the military run the highest risk of NIHL noise pollution. Over-exposure to noise has serious consequences to our well-being and hearing, including auditory and non-auditory effects:

  • temporary, mild, or permanent hearing loss
  • tinnitus (ringing in the ears)
  • physical and mental stress
  • reduced concentration and communication
  • loss of productivity
  • increased probability of work-related accidents and injury
  • heart palpitations
  • aggressive behavior
  • exhaustion
What is NIHL?

According to the World Health Organization, noise-induced hearing loss "is the most common, permanent, and preventable occupational injury in the world."

Noise-induced hearing loss may happen suddenly from an explosive type of blast or gradually over time as a worker is continuously exposed to noise above 85 dB without wearing proper hearing protection. Unfortunately, NIHL is an invisible pollutant, so it is often relegated to the back burner while eye protection and high-visibility protection take the job site spotlight. We can't see, taste, touch, or smell noise, and there is no obvious wound or blood—but every workplace should have a hearing conversation program, especially because hearing loss affects millions of workers.

What if you had to continuously listen to your blow dryer or to a juice blender (approximately 80 to 95 dB) for eight hours every day? Surely you would cringe at the thought and become quite agitated. Unfortunately, in numerous industrial settings, millions of American workers are assaulted and exposed to dangerous levels of noise (85 dB or above) every single workday.

How to Combat Workplace NIHL

Three weapons in your hearing loss prevention toolbox are (1) education, (2) "buy quiet" practices, and (3) the use of hearing protection devices (HPDs).

Education and training

Educate your workers and safety specialists about hearing loss by distributing informational brochures, by placing posters and caution signs in key traffic areas, and through annual training programs, which are required by OSHA "whenever employee noise exposures are at or above an eight hour time-weighted average (TWA) of 85 dBA or, equivalently, a dose of 50 percent, which is considered the action level."

"Buy Quiet” practices and other controls

When purchasing new equipment, nip noise in the bud by specifying the acceptable sound output for any new machinery. Be adamant about your sound requirements with your buyers and purchasing agents. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that a national "Buy Quiet" purchasing movement is in place to get the military and corporations to buy "ear friendly" machinery.  Hopefully, as technology improves, this "Buy Quiet" trend will gain greater momentum.

To deal with existing high-noise equipment and environments, consider engineering controls such as silencers, mufflers, and specially constructed acoustic walls to help remove sound. Administrative controls, such as moving workers to a safe area or limiting their time around the sound annoyance, is also effective in reducing noise exposure.

Hearing protection devices

When engineering and administrative controls are not successful in reducing noise exposure, hearing protection devices must be used. OSHA requires that employees be offered a variety of hearing protection devices, including ear muffs and ear plugs.

Just as ears, ear canals, and heads come in many different shapes and sizes, so do the many hearing protection devices available in the marketplace today. There are three primary types of noise related to HPD use: constant, intermittent, and impact/impulse. Constant noise requires single-use hearing protection, multi-use banded hearing protection, or ear muffs. Intermittent noise requires banded hearing protection or ear muffs. Impact or impulse noises are the most severe and require the highest passive noise reducers, double plugging, or electronic/active HPDs.

Which HPD Is Right For Your Safety Program?

Ear plugs

In the 1970s, NASA developed memory foam to assist astronauts with overwhelming G forces. This material was later adapted to make single-use ear plugs because of its slow recovery capabilities and softness. When choosing foam ear plugs, make sure the plugs are self-adjustable, non-irritating, comfortable, and offer the most protection, with NRRs of up to 33dB. Bullet, barrel, bell, and winged shapes exist to fit a large variety of ear canal shapes and sizes. Foam ear plugs are available in fluorescent safety focused colors to aid in compliance verification and many of them are made in the USA.

They come corded and uncorded, plus a variety of packaging options exist, including individually wrapped plugs or bulk options to be placed in dispensers for easy access in high-traffic, high-noise areas. Disposable foam plugs are ideal for big companies with lots of workers who go through large quantities of plugs quickly.

In addition to disposable foam ear plugs, reusable, custom molded, and baffle type ear plugs are available. Reusable plugs are made of silicone, polyvinyl, and other types of rubber. These non-porous plugs can be cleaned with warm water and soap. Custom molded plugs provide a super comfortable and personalized fit and are a favorite among workers, hunters, and musicians because of the proper fit. Baffle plugs have a sound-activated baffle/valve inside that will close when exposed to an impulse noise such as a gunshot. Baffle plugs feature technology that allows normal conversation when no impulse noise is present, allowing workers to hear commands and conversation.

Banded hearing protection and ear muffs

When hearing protection is intermittent, banded hearing protection can be a good lightweight alternative to ear muffs. Banded hearing protection is easy to remove and is designed to hang conveniently around the neck, which means the HPD is always within reach, doesn't touch dirty or oily surfaces, and allows for quick communication.

Ear muffs can be either passive or active. Both are easy to fit properly and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles to fit a wide range of users. NRRs also vary greatly and can be as low as 17dB or as high as 30dB. Ear muffs can be worn over the head, behind the ear, under the chin, and as a hard hat attachment. They are available with lots of value-added features, such as gel-pad cushions on the cups, padded headbands, compact folding headbands, and multi-position headbands.  Because ear muffs are very visible, they make it easy for safety officers to check for compliance.

Active ear muffs use electronic circuitry to cut or compress harmful impulse noises above 85 dB down to a safe level. Ear muffs that feature compression technology will reduce impulse noise to a safe level of 82dB while still allowing you to communicate. Ear muffs that use cutting technology will cut out all impulse noise completely. Some ear muffs also feature microphones that enhance/amplify hearing. Although the recommended use for active ear muffs is with the electronics on, they can be switched off. When the electronics are turned off, the active ear muff then functions as a passive ear muff and can be used in any environment. When the electronics are on, active ear muffs should be used only to protect against impulse noise.

When selecting hearing protection for your safety program always consider the type of noise—continuous or intermittent—the long-term cost, and worker preference. Worker compliance is one of the primary factors when considering the effectiveness of any HPD.

Why Hearing Protection Matters

All of our five senses—sight, taste, touch, smell, and hearing—are a blessing, and the sense of hearing is very important among the five. Think about all the precious moments you would miss if you couldn't hear. You couldn't hear "I love you" from your spouse or grandchild. You couldn't hear the music that makes you want to get up and dance. You couldn't hear the clink of crystal or the special words to loved ones when making a toast. When you can't hear properly, your performance at work declines and your impairment might even cause more accidents and injuries to occur. So protect hearing every day with quality hearing protection, not just because OSHA requirements and other federal regulations demand it. Do it because it is the right thing to do. Work hard. Stay safe.

About the Author

Mary Padron is a MarCom and Event Specialist at Radians®, a leading manufacturer of high-performance hearing protection devices. For more information about Radians' comprehensive line of quality PPE, visit www.Radians.com or call 1-877-RADIANS.


Source: http://www.oshonline.com


Radians breaks ground on Memphis HQ expansion

October 29, 2015, Posted in News

Latest expansion will give company over 200,000 square feet of operating space.

Radians, a Memphis-based manufacturer of high performance Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), is breaking ground on another expansion at its Memphis headquarters.

The new building will be located at 6084 Discover Drive, adjacent to its current facility at 5305 Distriplex Farms Drive. This expansion will give Radians significantly more warehouse capacity increasing its current footprint to over 200,000 square feet while still leaving room for future expansion.

The project is scheduled for completion in the first quarter of 2016.

In December of 2011, Radians moved its headquarters from Bartlett to its current 5305 Distriplex Farms Drive location in Memphis. Radians also has warehousing or manufacturing facilities in Nevada, North Carolina, Massachusetts, and the United Kingdom.

According to Mike Tutor, CEO of Radians, “The expansion will provide us with much needed warehouse space for our expanding product lines including our new DEWALT Heated Jackets.”

For more information about Radians and its comprehensive line of quality safety gear, visit www.Radians.com, or call 1-877-RADIANS or visit them on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/RadiansPPE.

Source: Contractor Supply

Radians RWG555 CE Cut 5 ANSI Cut 4 Glove

November 02, 2015, Posted in News

Radians, a leading manufacturer of high performance personal protective equipment (PPE), is excited to announce the launch of the RWG555, their new CE Cut 5, ANSI Cut 4 glove. Radians, a leading manufacturer of high performance personal protective equipment (PPE), is excited to announce the launch of the RWG555, their new CE Cut 5, ANSI Cut 4 glove. The glove also meets European EN 388:2003 standards for Abrasion Resistance, Blade Cut, Tear, and Puncture (4 5 4 3).

This washable, lightweight Salt-N-Pepper glove is 360° breathable and has fiberglass thread wrapped in high performance polyethylene (HPPE) for cut resistance to protect hands from direct contact with sharp edges such as glass, metal, ceramics and other materials.

Its nitrile is thicker than most other breathable nitriles which equates to excellent abrasion resistance in wet or dry applications without compromising dexterity.

It has a seamless design for a comfortable fit and the knit wrist cuff is color-coded to indicate glove size. This workhorse glove is available in six sizes from X-small to XX-Large and is very competitively priced. They can be purchased by the dozen or 120 to a case.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recently stated that “70.9% of arm and hand injuries could have been prevented with personal protective equipment (PPE), specifically safety gloves.” You can explore Radians comprehensive line of safety gloves at www.Radians.com.

For more information about Radians extensive line of quality safety gear, visit www.Radians.com, call toll free 1-877-723-4267, or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Radians’ PPE gear is sold through authorized distributors.

Source: Contractor Supply

Radians Continues USA Manufacturing Expansion With Acquisition of VisionAid

April 07, 2015, Posted in News

MEMPHIS, TN-April 6, 2015- Radians, Inc., a leading manufacturer of high performance Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), announced today that it has acquired Massachusetts-based VisionAid, Inc.  VisionAid manufactures SideShields, portable emergency eyewash stations, and lens cleaning products with a variety of custom packaging options.
According to Radians' CEO, Mike Tutor, "The acquisition of VisionAid allows Radians to continue building our manufacturing operations in the United States, just as our acquisition of Carolina Safety Sport did over three years ago for our high visibility clothing line. Expanding our U.S. manufacturing operations enables Radians to be a better supply chain partner because of reduced lead times as well as having better quality control over processes and product," stated Tutor. In addition to amplifying Radians' USA manufacturing operations, the acquisition allows for customizing lens cleaning products with a customer's logo and name, and also provides Radians with additional injection molding capabilities.
The VisionAid management team will remain the same, and VisionAid will continue operating from its current facility in Wareham, Massachusetts, where orders will be entered and shipped by VisionAid employees.
Daniel McCarthy, President of VisionAid, stated, "The collective strength of the Radians sales and marketing team will help to drive additional growth of our products and open up new markets in the industrial and retail channels."
For more information about VisionAid and its eye care products and accessories, please visit www.VisionAidInc.com. For more information about Radians comprehensive line of quality PPE, please visit www.Radians.com or call 1-877-RADIANS.

Radians launches Nordic Blaze thermal fleece warming gear

November 03, 2014, Posted in News

Radians, Inc., an ISO 9001:2008 certified leader in the personal protective equipment industry, launched its new line of thermal, warming gear products called Nordic Blaze.

The new Nordic Blaze line includes hard hat liners and a 3 in 1 balaclava design that easily converts into a neck gator or face shield.

Designed to keep you warm in cold and harsh environments, the ergonomically designed line includes several features and options for added warmth, comfort, and protection, including limited FR self-extinguishing properties when exposed to flame.

Other features include breathable mesh for heat exhaust distribution, chin strap for stability while wearing hard hats, hook and loop that easily attaches to internal hard hat system and shoulder length hard hat liners for added head and neck protection.

All of Radians products are sold through authorized distributors. For more information about Nordic Blaze or any of the products in Radians’ comprehensive line of PPE, visit www.Radians.com or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

 Radians® is a Memphis, TN-based manufacturer of quality safety glasses, including their high-end Crossfire line, hearing protection, performance gloves, high visibility clothing, cooling and warming gear, and footwear products. Radians has partnered with highly respected companies including DEWALT®, Black & Decker®, Smith & Wesson®, Bone Collector™, and Remington® to provide high performance personal protection products.  The company has additional facilities in Reno, Nevada; Belmont, Michigan; and Thomasville, North Carolina.

Source: ISHN.COM

Interview: Radians, Inc. – A Leader in Personal Protective Equipment

October 28, 2014, Posted in News

By Steve Gramins, October 22, 2014

A successful day at the range or in the field is a combination of several key factors working hand in hand: a well-maintained firearm, quality ammunition, and – perhaps, most importantly for personal safety – top-notch ear and eye protection. Memphis-based Radians, Inc., has been protecting shooters and hunters with innovative safety eyewear and hearing protection for seventeen years.

Grand View Outdoors sat down with Joe Smith, Vice President of Radians, to find out more about one of the leaders in personal protective equipment.

Grand View Outdoors:How and when did Radians get its start? 

Radians, Inc.: Radians was founded in 1997 basically on the introduction of one product, the AV, a combination hearing (Audio) and eyewear (Visual) protection product. Our focus in 1997 was Safety Eyewear and Hearing Protection in the Sporting Goods channel.  Seventeen years later, we have a comprehensive line of quality products for the Sporting Goods channel that includes premium Crossfire by Radians eyewear, electronic and passive earmuffs, disposable hearing protection, high-visibility apparel, and performance gloves. We have partnered with Remington, Bone Collector, and Smith & Wesson to provide our customers with a variety of PPE products that meet the functional and style demands of the marketplace.

GVO:Describe the particulars of your business – the services/products you offer, your typical customer, etc. 

RI: Radians offers a comprehensive line of PPE products for the Sporting Goods Industry including ANSI Z87 eyewear, electronic, passive, and disposable hearing protection, gloves, and RadWear high visibility apparel. Our products are sold through authorized distributors and can be found in major retail stores that serve the hunting, shooting, and sport enthusiast. Our end users include hunters, shooters, public safety professionals, law enforcement and first responders, and sport enthusiasts. We also have several products geared towards youth and female shooters, such as our Youth Combo Kit and pink ProAmp electronic earmuff and Pink Performance Shooting Gloves.

GVO: When and how did Radians become involved in the hunting and shooting sports? 

RI: After the introduction of the AV in 1997, Radians became more involved in the Sporting Goods industry by listening to our customers and end-users and developing a comprehensive product assortment for hunters and shooters. Radians expanded its team by adding experienced professionals that have a passion for and are active in the Shooting Sports. With this expertise, Radians was able to introduce new products, such as custom-molded earplugs and electronic hearing protection. The success of these new products paved the way for more growth and more new products.

GVO:Describe several keys to the success and longevity of your business.

RI: Several key factors have contributed to Radians’ success and longevity. We listen to end-users, respond to market demands, and offer customer-specific solutions. We offer JIT shipments to meet the logistical demands of the sporting goods and fast-paced public safety markets – order by 3 p.m. and your in-stock item ships the same day via UPS Ground. We also offer low $250 minimum retail orders with free freight and custom imprinting with fast 7-day turnaround times. We seek continuous improvement, such as our recent NVLAP Accreditation to test and certify hearing protective devices (NVLAP Lab # 500090-0).  Plus we test our products to meet or exceed standards including ANSI Z87.1+, VO Ballistics (0.15 caliber), CSA Z94.3-1992, ASTM1506, etc. All of our products are manufactured in ISO certified facilities.

GVO: How do you work at growing your customer base? 

RI: We participate in over 15 Sporting Goods trade shows, including SHOT Show, NASGW, Distributor Shows, Buying Group Shows and more. We have a grass-roots marketing movement where we participate in shooting competitions and charity donations, such as our recent donation to the Ronald McDonald House for their Kids & Clays Foundation fundraiser. We engage in social media, email marketing, and some digital and print advertising.  Again, we listen to our customers and end-users and develop new and innovative products that appeal to our growing customer base. 

GVO: Tell us about new and exciting products for outdoor enthusiasts from Radians this year. 

RI: Outdoor enthusiasts have gravitated toward our new retail line of premium Crossfire eyewear. This protective ANSI Z87 eyewear offers protection and style in a variety of sleek designs and lens choices. We have also introduced tactical products, such as performance gloves with floating knuckle guards and VO Ballistic eyewear, for law enforcement and military. We recently redesigned some of our Remington styles and just launched a line of cooling products called Arctic Skull that includes a cooling towel, headband, and head shade.

Source: GrandviewOutdoors.com

Radians invests in automation to deliver higher levels of customer service and satisfaction

June 30, 2014, Posted in News

Radians, Inc., a leader in the personal protective equipment industry, has made a significant capital investment in warehouse automation at their Memphis headquarters.

Radians' new order fulfillment system, or pick module, from Integrated Solutions will be fully operational by July. Once completed, the automated system will become the central hub of their warehouse operations, expediting the pick and ship process for optimum product flow.

According to Radians’ President, Bill England, “our recent investment in automation is Radians’ largest equipment purchase in the company’s history. The new system will improve the speed and accuracy of order fulfillment, which always leads to higher levels of customer service and satisfaction.”

The automated system uses PathGuide software which provides real time control to get instant information about warehouse material movement and inventory status. This will enhance Radians’ ability to expedite same-day orders more efficiently than ever and will also reduce errors in shortages and overages to one in 5,000.

According to Bobbie Espitia, Radians’ Director of Supply Chain Management, “We are excited how our capital investment in automation will improve order accuracy, lower fulfillment costs, and expedite the order-fulfillment process. All of these capabilities result in making Radians a better supply chain partner to our customers.”

The benefits of automation will not only enhance customer satisfaction, it will also positively affect employee satisfaction and morale because the ergonomic design of the pick module combined with the space optimization will reduce employee fatigue and stress.

Radians® is a Memphis, TN-based manufacturer of quality safety glasses, including their premium Crossfire® line, high visibility clothing, hearing protection, performance gloves, cooling products and footwear. Radians has partnered with highly respected companies including DEWALT®, BLACK & DECKER®, Smith & Wesson®, Bone Collector™, and Remington® to provide high performance personal protection products. The company has additional facilities in Reno, Nevada; Belmont, Michigan; and Thomasville, North Carolina.

Source: http://www.ishn.com

Radians® enters cooling products marketplace with Arctic Skull™

June 09, 2014, Posted in News

Radians, Inc., a manufacturer of quality personal protective equipment, is pleased to announce their entry into heat stress management through their new Arctic Skull™ product line that includes Cooling Headbands, Cooling Head Shades, and a Cooling Towel.

Their new cooling products are made with Advanced Arctic Technology that accelerates the evaporative cooling process to keep users cool for up to five hours. The patent pending utility and design features cover the use of flexible spandex elements that allow these products to move with the body, not against it, facilitating optimum blood circulation. The color palette for the cooling products line includes blue, high visibility green, red paisley, blue paisley and digital camo.

According to Radians’ Product Manager Dan Branson, “The patented stretch fit technology provides a noticeably more comfortable fit than standard headbands and head shades currently being sold in the marketplace.”

The new Arctic Skull cooling products by Radians will have work, sport, and lifestyle applications and will be sold in industrial and hardware retail channels through authorized distributors. To see a demonstration of their new cooling products, visit www.YouTube.com/RadiansInc or www.radians.com.

For more information about Arctic Skull or any of Radians’ quality safety gear, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 1-877-723-4267.

Source:  http://www.ishn.com

Crossfire ES4 Saves Motorist’s Eye from Danger

May 12, 2014, Posted in News

The Crossfire ES4 Glass by Radians played the part of “hero” recently when the eyewear stopped a flying rock from striking a motorist in the eye. The driver, who was cruising in The Rocky Mountains, had his driver’s side window open when two trucks kicked up a flying rock. The motorist’s eye was unharmed from the projectile because he was wearing the impact resistant Crossfire  ES4. This ANSI Z87.1+ safety glass, which prevented the rock from striking the motorist’s eye, was also instrumental in the driver staying in control of his vehicle, thus preventing a dangerous car accident from also happening.

For more information on the Crossfire ES4, go to:

Crossfire Website
Radians YouTube Channel

Radians® launches new high visibility rainwear line

May 05, 2014, Posted in News

Radians, Inc., a manufacturer of quality personal protective equipment, recently launched a new line of RadWear® high visibility rainwear.  With the 2014 Farmer’s Almanac prediction that “Spring will start late and be exceptionally wet for most sections of the country,” Radians’ new rainwear collection is available now to help you weather the storms ahead.

The high visibility rain jackets in the new collection are certified ANSI 107 Class 3 and the pants are Class E. They were purposely designed for tough working environments and a variety of weather conditions and climates, and they feature Reflectivz™weatherproof and high visibility technology. The rain jackets and pants are sold separately.

For those who require lightweight rain jackets and rain pants, the Radians RW10 offers excellent protection for the affordable price. The lightweight jacket features a vented back cape to keep you cool and comfortable, while still protecting you in tough environments.  The elastic waist pants have adjustable cuffs with snaps and all seams are double stitched for extra durability. Both the jacket and pants are made of 150 Denier PU coated, high visibility oxford material that provides excellent protection against the rain.

If you work outdoors in a climate that experiences moderate rain on a regular basis, then you may want to specify Radians RW30 general purpose rainwear.  The RW30 rain jacket and pants are made from 300 Denier PU coated, high visibility oxford material that provides superior rain protection. The jacket has a vented back cape for interior moisture management and a D-Ring pass through for fall protection. The bib pants feature adjustable suspender straps, a side waist zipper expansion, and an upper chest pocket for essential tools.

On the other hand, if your work conditions are rugged and you work in a climate where you are frequently outside in storms and other inclement weather, then the RW32 is your solution for heavy duty waterproof protection. Both the heavy duty rain jacket and rain pants are waterproof rated per ANSI 107, 7.5.3 and rated breathable per ANSI 107, 7.6. Both are made from durable 300 DENIER PU Coated Rip Stop Oxford Polyester material and feature 3M® 8906 2” silver reflective tape for extra protection in low light conditions that frequently accompany bad weather.

 The RW32 jacket has a D-Ring pass through for fall protection and several pockets for essential tools. The RW32 bib rain pants have adjustable, removable suspender straps and feature an inside knee pocket for holding knee pads (sold separately).

To learn more about the specifications and features of Radians new rainwear collection, you can download their Rainwear Brochure. Or, view their Rainwear Videos.

All of the products in Radians comprehensive line of personal protective equipment are sold through authorized distributors.  For more information about Radians new rainwear or any of their safety gear, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., call 1-877-723-4267, or visit their website at http://www.radians.com.



Fast growing Radians strengthens employee resources

March 31, 2014, Posted in News

Radians, Inc., (www.Radians.com) announced recently that Kevin Kairys and Bryan Reed have joined the firm as Regional Sales Managers to further service and develop Radians’ growing portfolio of regional and national accounts. They also announced that Radians’ Regional Sales Managers Pete Esposito and Dave Soyster have both been promoted to Director of Sales.

Kevin Kairys comes with a wealth of experience within the safety Industry, having spent the last eighteen years acquiring numerous large corporate accounts and generating additional revenues within the industrial, construction, fire/ rescue, electrical, military, and government markets. His skill set includes sales and marketing, business development, professional training, and new product development.  As Eastern Region Sales Manager, Kairys will be responsible for sales and business development in Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan and will report to Pete Esposito, who was recently promoted to Director of Sales, Eastern region.  Kairys says, “I am honored to be a part of a dynamic company like Radians and to further develop Radians’ comprehensive PPE lines.”

A sales performer for more than fourteen years, Bryan Reed’s career includes regional and national account manager positions that promoted and sold glove and body armor, ear plugs, fall protection, and confined space systems.  His career path included vertical market focus in oil and gas, chemical, utilities, municipalities, and mining among others. As the Western Regional Sales Manager, Reed will be responsible for servicing and growing the following western states: Arizona, Nevada, and Southern California.  Reed will report directly to Dave Soyster, who was recently promoted to Director of Sales, Western Region.  Says Reed, “I feel fortunate to be joining such a respected leader in the world of PPE and look forward to the opportunities that lie ahead.”

Bill England, President of Radians, views the new appointments and internal promotions as a sign of Radians’ commitment to being a top tier provider in the safety industry. Says England, “Our new innovations and the increasing demand from our customers led us to search for additions to our team who will fit in with our culture of innovation and exceptional service.”

SOURCE: http://www.ishn.com

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